Our Olive Oil

We take great care in producing top quality olive oil only through the use of natural methods. First and most important of all, we keep our farming strictly ORGANIC. The oil comes from the FIRST press and is COLD-pressed (not temperature-handled), in order to keep its original flavour, aroma, taste and valuable, temperature-sensitive nutrients. The extracted olive oil is then deposited in a stainless steel container to allow the particles to saturate on the bottom in a natural way, giving the beautiful clear see-through appearance to the olive oil. If any filtering is needed, it is made only with traditional sieves, so that no flavour nor aroma is lost. Everything is made so as to keep the process as close to nature as possible.
The olive varieties cultivated are called “Manaki” and “Ladolia”. While our oil owes its low acidity to the variety “Manaki”, the “Ladolia” gives the full taste and fruity flavour. Of course, there is NO admixture of other or lower quality olive oil. Our olive oil is pure, directly from the family’s organic olive groves.
Melia Olive Oil Acidity (free fatty acids):
0,25 – 0,35 %    (depending on the year’s production)
We are proud of our olive oil’s very low acidity, since it indicates good quality.
The minimum requirement for the “extra-virgin” category is 0,8%, where usually most bigger olive oil companies tend to keep their olive oil acidity level, mainly by admixture of cheaper, lower quality olive oil.
Certified by Biohellas, one of the world’s leading Inspection & Certification Bodies for organic products.
Chemical analysis and tasting (organoleptic) assessment in laboratories certified by the International Olive Council, the only intergovernmental organisation in the world with focus on olive oil quality.
International Olive Council (IOC)